2018 F1 Car will be like a Bus says Hamilton

2018 F1 Car will be like a Bus says Hamilton

Imposing three engine limits for the next season in Formula 1 “sucks” says world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

In 2017, teams could use up to four versions of power units with no penalties. Next year, the number has been reduced to three. Some other elements like the MGU-K, control electronics and energy store are limited to only two units per season, causing a lot of concern for the teams and the drivers.

The move will force the drivers to be more conservative to maintain reliability and thus would hurt the sport, he added. Hamilton also admitted that he had driven conservative in many races to protect his engine.

Mercedes decided to fit Hamilton’s car with a new engine after he crashed out of the qualifying race at Interlagos.  The Briton raced the new engine on a high power mode for a longer duration since it will be used only in one more race in Abu Dhabi. Because of the extra power, he could start from the pit lanes and close at P4.

“This is the first time I’ve pushed an engine like that!” Hamilton said. “It was nice, normally you’re managing it.

“I often turn the engine down and they keep telling me to turn the engine up, and I’m ‘no, no, no, I prefer it to stay down’, and I’ll figure out a way to catch up in another way.

“I guess that’s just through fear of pushing it a little bit too much, like the engine blowing up in Malaysia last year.

“I don’t like the idea of going to three engines, I think that sucks. We should be able to push more. Sprinting is what we’re missing in F1.”

Like a Bus!

Hamilton does not like the current high minimum weight limits in F1 and next year due to the addition of Halo, it is bound to increase some more. Hamilton believes F1 needs fast and nimble cars rather than a Bus like a heavy car that will wear out the brakes.

“The fact that nowadays we’ve got this 100kgs [of fuel], the car is going to be a bus next year, it’s going to be so heavy, it’s going to be like a bleedin’ NASCAR next year.

“So heavy, the braking distances get longer, the brakes are always on fire, on the limit.

“I know it sounds negative, but just as a racer who wants a fast, nimble car, that I can attack always, every single lap, unfortunately, that’s not what we generally have.

“If you look at the front guys, they were managing, and that’s generally what we are doing when we are in front. I don’t think that’s exciting for people to watch.

“That’s why, if you look at the most exciting races, particularly when it rains because you don’t have those limitations, the races were Max [Verstappen] has been coming through the back, or a driver has been, those have been the most exciting ones.

“How do we provide that for the future? I’m not sure that cutting down the engines is helping it in that direction.”

Running flat out of Brazil was quite enjoyable, Hamilton admitted. He is hoping to do more of that again in the next race.

“Yeah, I’m going to give it everything in Abu Dhabi, which is cool, I’m excited for that. It’s obviously an unusual position to be in.

“But I really, really loved racing today, I’ve loved driving this year’s tyres, I kind of think, why did we not have these big tyres before?

“What’s the next step? Can we make them bigger, do we get more grip from them in the future? Ultimately, more mechanical grip means we can do more on track and we get more racing, and that’s what we need.”

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