Albon’s future in doubt: Locked in at Williams, or eyeing Merc or Red Bull?

James Vowles, the team boss at Williams, has put the brakes on swirling rumors about Alex Albon’s future, amidst speculations linking him with a move to Mercedes and a return to Red Bull. The F1 paddock was abuzz with talks of Albon, the British-born Thai driver, eyeing Lewis Hamilton’s soon-to-be-vacant seat at Mercedes for 2025, or possibly rejoining Red Bull, where Dr. Helmut Marko hinted that Sergio Perez’s performance could still secure his spot next to Max Verstappen.

Marko, in a statement to, acknowledged the significance of Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, calling it a boon for Formula 1. Albon, whose contract with Williams was under speculation, found his future the subject of intense discussion. Contrary to the swirling rumors, Vowles revealed at Williams’ 2025 livery launch, reported by L’Equipe, that Albon is locked in with Williams until the end of 2025, dismissing other speculations as mere chatter.

“Our aim at Williams is to foster an environment where talents like Alex can thrive,” Vowles stated, underlining the team’s commitment to moving forward and distancing itself from its past. Albon, on his part, played his cards close to his chest, suggesting that while his immediate focus is on the upcoming seasons, the potential for a long-term partnership with Williams hinges on the team’s trajectory.

Vowles hinted at flexibility within Albon’s contract, acknowledging that while the team’s long-term vision is paramount, they would not impede Albon’s opportunities with top-tier teams. Auto Bild reports that Red Bull’s contractual ties with Albon have ceased, adding another layer to his career’s narrative.

Albon, maintaining his focus on Williams’ resurgence, hinted at openness to offers from leading teams, given his career peak and aspirations for podium finishes. “More than anything, I wish it was with Williams,” he conveyed, emphasizing his dedication to the team’s success.

Albon’s comments indicate a significant shift in Williams’ design philosophy for 2025, placing pressure on Vowles to validate the new direction. “2024 will be the year James really takes control,” Albon remarked, highlighting the departure from traditional designs in pursuit of innovation.

Felipe Massa, weighing in on the speculation, suggested that if he were at Mercedes’ helm, Albon wouldn’t be his first choice, favoring talents like Fernando Alonso or Kimi Antonelli instead.

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