Alfa Romeo admits Red Bull-like car tweaks

Some elements of Alfa Romeo’s newly-launched 2023 car have a distinct Red Bull flavour to them, technical boss Jan Monchaux admits.

According to the Spanish newspaper Diario Sport, Hinwil based Sauber’s French-German technical boss admitted the Red Bull-like changes to the car are “quite obvious”.

“It’s just about acknowledging that a particular team did a better job than all the others, understanding why in certain areas they did better, and adapting it to our car,” he said.

Monchaux said the tweaks at the rear of the car required “considerable efforts” by the team that over the next several years will transition to majority Audi ownership.

“What you invest at the front of the car doesn’t bring as much return as what you invest at the back,” he admitted.

“We’d rather cook one thing well rather than five dishes at the same time and none of them are great,” he smiled.

“The regulations limit resources. With the few wind tunnel hours we have, we have to set priorities.”

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