Alfa Romeo to run Schumacher-Raikkonen in 2021 – Marko

All the signs are pointing towards a Mick Schumacher-Kimi Raikkonen lineup at Alfa Romeo for 2021.

That is the view of Dr Helmut Marko, a top Red Bull official who is in charge of the energy drink-owned team’s driver program.

He told Sport1 that his position means “You can see which drivers are still on the market. I know who has called who”.

“From this I gather that Mick Schumacher will drive together with Kimi Raikkonen for Alfa Romeo next year. I think it’s an excellent combination,” Marko added.

“If you look at the junior categories, he (Schumacher) always started modestly and then in the second year was in top form. You can assume that it will be the same in Formula 1.”

The Austrian also revealed that Schumacher came close to making his race debut for Alfa Romeo at the Nurburgring.

“The same thing that happened with Albon happened with Giovinazzi as well,” Marko explained. “The first corona test wasn’t clear, so Mick almost made his debut.”

Marko said Red Bull was never too interested in signing up 21-year-old Ferrari junior Schumacher to the outfit’s own driver development program.

“We see our role as giving drivers or young people the opportunity to make it to the top. Motorsport is very expensive,” he said.

“With Mick Schumacher it was always clear that had had the necessary support. He didn’t need us, basically.”

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