Alonso can’t do WEC along with F1 says McLaren

Alonso can’t do WEC along with F1 says McLaren

It will not be possible for Fernando Alonso to be a full-time driver in Formula 1 and still pursue a rigorous experience like the World Endurance Championship if he takes part in the Le Mans next year, says McLaren racing director Eric Boullier.

Alonso is expected to join hands with Toyota to take part in the next week’s WEC rookie test to be held in Bahrain, as discussions continue to figure out how to best approach the next year’s 24-hour race at Le Mans.

To make sure he is up to the endurance levels needed for the race, Alonso might take part in several WEC events early in the season to avoid clashes with the F1 schedule.

But Boullier believes the physical demands of competing at two top-line events may be too much to handle for any driver.

“I don’t think you can physically do two programmes, it is too complicated,” he said. “If you commit to two programmes, it is a huge distraction.

“Doing Le Mans, or doing Indianapolis, or doing Daytona, why not? Because it is a one-off.

“But doing more than this would definitely be a distraction from his main commitment which is F1.”

Alonso is keen to get the triple crown of motorsports and Boullier knows about the Spaniard’s plan. Alonso has already won the Monaco GP and is looking forward to winning the Indy 500 and Le Mans. But Boullier thinks if McLaren gives him a competitive car next year, then Alonso will not have time to think of anything else.

Explaining the arrangement with Alonso, Boullier said: “He said he is keen to do some races outside this triple crown, and there are case-by-case discussions,”

“Obviously his main and his first focus is F1 – and that has priority. We will do everything we can to give him a competitive car and if we do this he will not race anything else.”

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