Alonso exposes reckless Paparazzo in native Spain

Fernando Alonso has expressed his exasperation with the aggressive paparazzi in his native Spain. The Aston Martin driver took to social media to vent his frustration about an experience between the Brazilian and Las Vegas grands prix, marking his posts with a telling vomit emoji.

Alonso’s fury was palpable as he shared photos of a paparazzo on a motorcycle, blatantly disregarding road rules to capture shots of the racing star. In these images, he made sure to include the motorcycle’s license plate, while his commentary on the situation was both biting and resigned. “Classic welcome to Spain,” the tww-time champion remarked, adding, “Although this time they sent the least-prepared photographer.”

This sort of unwelcome attention has had a tangible impact on Alonso’s relationship with his home country. “It’s why I come very little and I will come even less,” he was quoted by Spanish newspapers, signaling a growing estrangement fueled by the media’s relentless pursuit. Alonso also indicated that he would be taking concrete action against the intrusive photographer. The champion stated his intention to report the media member to the authorities for the blatant violation of riding on a sidewalk and ignoring pedestrian crossings.

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