Alonso’s unfinished business: Ready for more F1 action beyond 2024

Fernando Alonso, the two-time Formula 1 World Champion, has signaled his intention to negotiate a new contract with Aston Martin, aiming to extend his tenure in the sport beyond the 2024 season. The 42-year-old driver shared his thoughts in a revealing DAZN documentary titled “Fernando – Revelado,” reflecting on his incredible journey with Aston Martin and his resurgence of motivation and desire.

“The incredible year I just had with Aston Martin, the podiums, the celebration, the champagne, the joy, was a reset at the level of motivation and desire,” Alonso stated, expressing how his recent experiences have reinvigorated his passion for racing. He compared this period to his time with Alpine, noting that even with less success, being part of F1 was preferable to staying at home.

Reflecting on his career trajectory, Alonso mentioned, “I returned because I believed I was in a good moment at the driving level and I felt wasted being at home. 2023 was then a bit of a vindication and in 2024 or 2025 I see myself with the same strength, desire, energy, and optimism.”

Alonso’s relationship with the sport has evolved significantly over the years. He advises his younger self to lower the intensity and savor the moments, regretting not having as many memories as he should from his early career. “I was 24 and 25 years old and was always thinking about the next race and the next thing. I don’t have as many memories as I should, so I would tell my (former) self to lower the intensity a little, enjoy the moment and think about the next challenge the next week,” Alonso reminisced.

Discussing his relationships within the F1 paddock, Alonso mentioned his camaraderie with Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, highlighting their trustworthiness on the track. “Both Max and Checo are two drivers you can trust on the track,” he said. “Max had more incidents and was a little crazier in his early days with more problems, but I think we are very similar. We like similar things.”

Alonso also touched upon his historical rivalry with Lewis Hamilton, particularly during their time together at McLaren in 2007. “I think now there is another type of rivalry,” Alonso observed. “I don’t think we’ll be friends in the future and I don’t think we don’t share many things, but in 2007 the rivalry was at the highest level.”

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