Alpine’s bold move: Step back early in ’24 to move forward?

Alpine has thrown the gauntlet down for the 2024 Formula 1 season with the introduction of its A524 car, a vehicle that at first glance bears resemblance to its predecessor but apparently hides a completely revamped design under the hood. The team, linked closely with Renault, has decided to gamble on an entirely new concept, moving away from the incremental updates that have marked their previous efforts.

Pierre Gasly, sharing insights with Marca, highlighted the pivot point for the team, “In the middle of the year we saw that we could not get more out of the concept…We have gone with something totally new and risky, which may cost us at first, but with a lot of potential to unlock later.” This new approach, while carrying initial risks, is seen as a crucial step towards unlocking future success on the track.

Echoing his teammate’s sentiments, Esteban Ocon pointed out the strategic timing of this innovation. With the F1 world on the brink of major regulatory changes in 2026, the 2024 season presents a unique window of opportunity for teams to experiment. Ocon acknowledges the potential for Alpine to remain in the middle of the pack as they fine-tune their new machine but remains optimistic, “We will see when we put it on the track, but in the simulator it feels very solid. 2024 is the right year to make a move like this. In 2025 it would be too late given the upcoming change in regulations. It’s the right moment.”

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