Alpine’s F1 boss shuts down Mick Schumacher rumours

Bruno Famin, the team principal of Alpine, has addressed the swirling rumors about Mick Schumacher potentially joining the team, amidst the backdrop of Alpine’s disappointing performance in pre-season testing and the looming contract expirations of their current drivers, Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon.

In an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, Famin emphasized the team’s contentment with Gasly and Ocon, downplaying the urgency to make driver changes. “We have no pressure when it comes to the driver question,” he stated, affirming the team’s satisfaction with their lineup. While not dismissing the possibility of considering Schumacher, who is currently involved with Alpine in the World Endurance Championship and serves as Mercedes’ F1 reserve, Famin noted, “We have many options. Mick is already an Alpine driver.”

The speculation about Alpine’s future moves seems to be on hold, as Famin remarked on the unpredictability of the driver market. “Nobody knows exactly when the silly season will really get going again, but nothing happened after the strong movements a few weeks ago,” he explained, suggesting that Alpine is bracing for any scenario that might unfold.

Jack Doohan, another contender within Alpine’s ranks as the team’s F1 reserve, appears to have a more defined path within the team compared to Schumacher, especially given Doohan’s planned extensive test program in 2024. Famin made it clear that there are no current plans for Schumacher to pilot an Alpine F1 car this season, underlining the separation of roles within the team. “We already have a reserve driver in Jack Doohan. Mick is Mercedes’ F1 reserve driver. The contract we have with Mick is exclusively for long-distance driving,” Famin clarified.

Adding a critical perspective to the discussion, Russian F1 commentator Alexey Popov contrasted Schumacher’s demeanor with that of his legendary father, Michael Schumacher. On a stream on VKontakte, Popov reflected on Mick’s character and the influence of his mother, Corinna, and manager, Sabine Kehm, suggesting these relationships have shaped his approach to his career. “Yes, he’s a nice, polite guy. But his dad wasn’t nice and polite. He fought and fought and fought. That’s what many people don’t understand,” Popov commented, hinting at the competitive spirit and autonomy he perceives as essential for championship success.

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