Alpine’s future in F1: Sale rumours swirl as Andretti gears up

Speculation has been mounting about Alpine’s F1 team potentially being up for sale. In the midst of these whispers, Andretti-Cadillac is making strides towards carving out a space for itself in the Formula 1 arena.

This very week, although Liberty Media has officially delayed Andretti’s F1 dreams until at least 2028, the well-known American concern unveiled a brand new facility dedicated to their F1 venture in Silverstone. “It is an independent property in its own name with the possibility to scale up activities as the situation evolves,” confirmed a statement from Andretti Global. The firm also noted, “We have said that our work continues at pace,” Andretti added, stating “While we are building an American works team, having a European base is a great way to attract the best in F1 talent and install state-of-the-art machinery.”

Michael Andretti, the former F1 driver at the helm of the organization, which also competes in IndyCar and Formula E, shared his optimism with the press. “We are going to be there,” he assured, as reported by Marca. Andretti’s conviction didn’t stop there, as he outlined broader ambitions for the enterprise, “Our goal is also to have a Formula 3 and Formula 2 team to help the F1 team,” he detailed, hinting at a comprehensive developmental pathway for racers. “And then maybe even a WEC team,” he added, pointing towards further expansion.

Amidst these developments, speculation about Alpine, facing obvious challenges in F1 at present, potentially being on the market surfaced. The buzz suggested that Renault, the current main owner, might be open to selling, with a stipulation for the prospective buyer to continue using Renault power units well into the forthcoming regulation changes in 2026.

On this backdrop, Andretti unveiled that, “General Motors is creating an engine now,” indicating readiness for 2028. He emphasized the significance of having a competitive edge by then, “So we’ll have an engine by 2028. It’s important that when we get our own engine, the team will already be competitive.”

In response to the swirling sale rumours, Alpine and Renault were quick to refute such claims. “The team is categorically not for sale,” a spokesperson clarified to France’s Auto Hebdo magazine.


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