Assen boss reveals truth behind F1-MotoGP crossover talks

A prominent MotoGP circuit manager expressed skepticism regarding the possibility of hosting a joint MotoGP-F1 race weekend. This comes after Liberty Media, the commercial rights holder for F1, acquired Dorna, the promoter for MotoGP, in a deal worth multiple billions of dollars, sparking intense speculation about a potential mega-event showcasing both premier motor racing competitions.

When confronted with the prospect, Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, was enthusiastic, stating, “I love MotoGP,” and adding, “It would be epic if we can have them on the same weekend.”

Arjan Bos, the chairman of the TT Circuit Assen in the Netherlands, indicated his willingness to consider such an event, saying, “If they want to experiment with combining MotoGP and F1 in one event, we would love to hear from them,” as reported in the Dutch magazine Formule 1.

Nevertheless, Bos was quick to temper expectations about the feasibility of such an event. He candidly remarked, “Honestly, no, I don’t think the revenue model allows for that.” He also noted that both MotoGP and Formula 1 have historically coordinated their race calendars to avoid overlapping events, a practice he anticipates will continue.

He suggested that hosting F1 and MotoGP races on consecutive weekends at the same venue might be more achievable. “In terms of organisation, that might be possible,” Bos stated, but he also pointed out the logistical challenges, including the need for substantial police resources.

Another significant obstacle is the necessity for the Assen circuit to secure the FIA’s Grade 1 certification, required for hosting Formula 1 races. Bos revealed, “We have shelved our old plans for that. We know what it takes and it could be achieved in one winter, but it is not an option at the moment.”

Moreover, Bos highlighted the success of Zandvoort, another Dutch circuit, in securing a place on the F1 calendar. He expressed no desire to disrupt this arrangement, saying, “In the Netherlands, we have Zandvoort and those people are doing very well and have a well-deserved and beautiful place on the F1 calendar. It does not benefit us as Assen to pry around in this.”


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