Aston Martin admits studying latest Red Bull photos

Aston Martin does not deny taking another “good look” at detailed photos of the underside of Red Bull’s dominant 2023 car.

After a strong start to 2023, the Silverstone based team has now clearly lost its place as Red Bull’s closest challenger.

The Spanish sports daily Marca claims that Aston Martin is reacting with another significant package of updates for the forthcoming races at either Zandvoort or Monza.

The update will reportedly involve the sidepods, DRS and floor.

Many believe it is the floor of the Red Bull that is the secret to the team’s dominance – with photos of Sergio Perez’s car as it was lifted by a crane in Monaco revealing the floor to be highly intricate.

And teams got another good look at Perez’s car once again last weekend in Hungary, when Perez’s crashed car was once again lifted up as it was removed from the circuit.

When asked if Aston Martin is reviewing those photos, technical boss Tom McCullough told Mundo Deportivo: “We always look at any photo as you try to understand how to develop.

“For this year or next year? It’s an evolution. What we do this year we will use for next year, and for elements like the floor we have more evolutions on the way for this year, just as other teams will.

“So, to answer your question,” McCullough added, “you always take a good look as we continue to bring updates to the car to improve performance this year.”

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