Aston Martin’s ‘Plan A, B and C’ strategy to keep Alonso – de la Rosa

Amid growing anticipation, Aston Martin’s commitment to retaining Fernando Alonso after 2024 becomes ever more apparent, with no alternatives being considered. The Japanese Grand Prix saw the emergence of strong speculation that Alonso, the illustrious 42-year-old champion with two titles, would remain, as possibilities of his transfer to Red Bull or Mercedes dwindled.

While Mercedes faced criticism from Alonso, who found the team “not attractive,” Red Bull’s Sergio Perez is on the brink of renewing his contract for another year. Dr Helmut Marko of Red Bull openly praises Perez, stating, “He is definitely having his best season with us so far.”

Yuki Tsunoda, enjoying a wave of success in the junior team, enters the conversation as a contender for Perez’s spot, although Giedo van der Garde, a former F1 driver, remains skeptical, questioning Tsunoda’s actual chances. Van der Garde humorously suggests, “He’s a Honda driver, so I think he will be taken to Aston Martin. Then Lance Stroll can go on holiday,” during his appearance on the DRS De Race Show podcast.

Ralf Schumacher sees Tsunoda’s appeal for Honda and by extension, Aston Martin, as significant. He asserts, “He is primarily attractive for Honda, which is coming together with Aston Martin,” and adds that Tsunoda’s Japanese heritage and promising trajectory make him an attractive prospect for Honda, provided his growth continues.

The departure of Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz also sparks speculation, with Dr Helmut Marko hinting at Audi’s and Aston Martin’s pressure for a decision, yet he maintains Red Bull’s silence on its future moves until mid-season, emphasizing, “We are not taking part in these games.”

Aston Martin, under Lawrence Stroll’s ownership, values Alonso’s presence highly, alongside Lance Stroll. Pedro de la Rosa, an Aston Martin ambassador and Alonso’s trusted associate, emphasizes the team’s efforts to create a compelling environment for Alonso’s stay, stating that he is the “Plan A, B and C.”

“The most important thing is to give Fernando reasons to stay with us,” he said, asserting the team’s singular focus on retaining him without considering any alternatives. He passionately concludes that the team is content with both Alonso and Stroll, pinning their hopes on upcoming upgrades and an ambitious development strategy to ensure a competitive car, believing it to be “the most important weapon to convince Fernando.”


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