Boss spills: Williams had alternatives to Logan Sargeant

Williams boss James Vowles has expressed renewed confidence in Logan Sargeant, giving the young American driver another opportunity to prove his worth in Formula 1. This decision comes despite Sargeant’s challenging rookie season, where he only managed to out-score Nyck de Vries, who was let go by his own team, Alpha Tauri.

In an interview, Vowles acknowledged the team had other drivers to consider for the 2023 season. “We did have other options, yes,” he confirmed. However, he emphasized the team’s commitment to Sargeant, underscoring their belief in his potential. “We invested a year in him because I believe in him. He just deserves another chance to show what he is worth next year,” Vowles stated, highlighting the team’s decision to continue supporting Sargeant’s development.

Vowles, who built his reputation at Mercedes alongside Toto Wolff as a highly-respected strategy boss, related his own experiences to Sargeant’s journey. “I had the opportunities to shape myself and my future and made big mistakes along the way that ultimately made me who I am today,” he reflected. “This of course also applies to Logan.”

Vowles also pointed out the challenges faced by rookies in Formula 1, particularly in terms of limited pre-season testing, which can hinder their progress. He noted that Sargeant’s struggle was more pronounced as his teammate Alex Albon was showcasing his capabilities. “He (Sargeant) really struggled last season, but in those last four or five races it was really noticeable that he was getting better,” Vowles added.

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