Bottas out, Russell in for 2022 – source

The signs are growing ever clearer about the likelihood of a driver change at Mercedes for 2022.

During Sunday’s broadcast of the Monaco GP, the commentator for Russia’s Match TV said a source has now told him that Valtteri Bottas is losing his seat.

“I will not disclose the source,” said Alexey Popov, “but there is always a lot of talk like that in the paddock at Monaco.

“They told me that Russell moving to Mercedes for at least two years, and not in Hamilton’s place, is already practically done.”

Popov speculated that Bottas may simply replace George Russell at Williams next year.

“That’s just my guess,” he said. “But the fact that Russell will be in the Mercedes is almost certain.”

Popov thinks Bottas’ championship hopes for 2021 are also definitely over.

“He is hopelessly behind both Hamilton and Verstappen already,” said the Russian. “He’s out of the title fight completely. Even Norris is ahead of him now.

“Everything is pointing towards this being his last year at Mercedes.”

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Ali Adams
Ali Adams
53 minutes ago

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Bottas out, Russell in for 2022 – source -
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