Bottas’ secret for Perez: Boost confidence to secure Red Bull future

Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish Formula 1 driver who experienced firsthand the pressures of being in a top team alongside a great during his tenure at Mercedes, has pinpointed confidence as the crucial factor for Sergio Perez to retain his seat at Red Bull beyond 2024.

Reflecting on his own career and the importance of self-belief, Bottas, who now races for Sauber, emphasized the need for unwavering confidence in one’s abilities. “As before, I believe that on a good day I can beat anyone,” Bottas stated, underscoring his own self-assurance despite the challenges faced alongside former teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, has indicated that Perez’s future with the team is contingent on his performance in the upcoming season. “It’s Checo’s (seat) to lose,” Horner remarked. “He is our 2024 driver and if he does a great job next year there is no reason we wouldn’t extend him into 2025, but it will be purely based on what he achieves over the large part of the season.”

Horner also hinted at other options Red Bull might consider, hinting at Daniel Ricciardo and potentially Yuki Tsunoda, along with noting interest from drivers outside the team. This situation places Perez in a position where he must prove his worth to maintain his role alongside Max Verstappen.

Bottas, currently vacationing in South Australia, drew parallels between his experiences and Perez’s current situation. Speaking to, he advised, “You can’t go into a race weekend thinking it’s impossible to win. Then you’ve already lost. This is a sport, and you should always have confidence in your own abilities.”

He observed that Perez seems to be struggling with confidence, which is reflected in his results. “I would say that when I look at what Checo is going through, he definitely lacks confidence. And you can see it in the results,” Bottas concluded.

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