Bottas’s bold promise: Will shave moustache for Mercedes seat!

Valtteri Bottas, the Finnish Formula 1 driver known as much for his racing prowess as his distinctive ‘mullet’ and moustache, has made a surprising declaration about his willingness to undergo a personal makeover for a chance to reunite with Mercedes. Bottas, who raced alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes until 2021, experienced a significant shift in his career trajectory when he moved to Sauber, a change that also marked a new chapter in his personal image.

Speaking to Ilta Sanomat during the Bahrain Grand Prix, Bottas expressed his astonishment at Hamilton’s recent move, noting, “Especially the timing was quite surprising, but when you think about it, he is probably approaching his last years in Formula 1,” and musing that Hamilton “also got a pretty good deal there, so why not?”

Currently focusing on his future with the Sauber-Audi project, which is gaining momentum towards the 2026 season, Bottas is at a pivotal point in his career. “It’s a fact that my contract is until the end of this year,” he shared, indicating that discussions about his future within the team are imminent.

Despite the uncertainty, Bottas’s primary focus remains with Sauber. “Audi has always been successful in every form of motorsport and they don’t do it half-hearted,” he stated, underscoring his ambition to be part of Audi’s foray into F1. However, Bottas hasn’t closed the door on a potential return to Mercedes, suggesting “In this sport you can never say never. Anything is possible in this sport.”

The prospect of Bottas shaving off his moustache and cutting his hair to fit back into the Mercedes fold might seem drastic, but for him, the sacrifice would be worth it if it meant returning to the front of the grid. “Well, that would be a pretty hard demand,” Bottas joked, before adding, “But if we’re talking about success and getting back to fighting for podiums and victories, then yes, I believe that the mullet and the moustache can go.”

Despite a more relaxed lifestyle away from Mercedes, Bottas remains committed to his championship aspirations. “Of course I believe it, or I wouldn’t be here,” he affirmed, setting his sights on returning to the podium as his immediate goal.

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