Brawn reveals his target engine makers

Brawn reveals his target engine makers

Formula 1 is aiming to get three top-tier carmakers to join as engine manufacturers to help drive the sport’s popularity, the company’s director Ross Brawn admitted.

Liberty Media purchased the commercial ownership of the sport at the beginning of the season, and they have shown interest in expanding the sport’s fan base.

Liberty unveiled a new logo as a part of its rebranding efforts, created new departments to handle marketing efforts and introduced Halo cockpit protection system to enhance the security of the drivers.

Alfa Romeo has returned to the sport as a title sponsor for Sauber F1 team, and Aston Martin has come up to sponsor the Red Bull F1 team.

But that is not enough for Brawn. He is planning to bring Porsche, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini as engine makers for Formula 1.

“There are several premium manufacturers that I would like in Formula 1,” he said.

“Porsche is one of them. But also Aston Martin and Lamborghini.”

One of the biggest complaints of potential manufacturers is the high cost of creating an engine from the ground up while complying with F1’s stringent regulations.

Brawn is willing to admit the issue and says he is working hard to make it “cheaper and easier” for independent manufacturers to enter the sport.

“I guarantee you, with today’s power unit, no manufacturer is interested in getting started,” he added.

“That’s why we have to make it cheaper and easier.

“That’s why we need to create an environment that’s attractive to them.”

Brawn plans to use the 2021 new engine rules as the way to reduce the cost of manufacturing engine, by standardising parts. But it will not be an easy task as most of the established players are up against the standardisation of engine. Ferrari even renewed its threat to quit the sport in case the proposal goes ahead.

It is a tough period for Formula 1 as the Concorde agreement will reach its end by 2020, and all the teams will have to be persuaded to sign a new deal. Convincing the established engine makers to accept the new plans will be a tough act to balance for F1 and FIA.

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