Brother doubts Vettel’s F1 return amid Mercedes rumours

Sebastian Vettel’s recent speculation about a potential Formula 1 comeback has been met with skepticism, especially from his brother, amid swirling rumors of a return to the grid. Despite having hung up his racing gloves over a year ago after a challenging spell with Aston Martin, the 36-year-old, four-time world champion has been the subject of whispers regarding a dramatic re-entry, possibly with his former team, Red Bull Racing, or even filling the vacancy at Mercedes prompted by Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 move to Ferrari.

George Russell, Mercedes’ current driver, shared his perspective on the unfolding situation, highlighting the intrigue within the paddock. “It’s going to be an interesting few months to see what happens,” Russell noted, adding a layer of anticipation to the off-season. He confidently stated, “I have no concerns whatsoever” about his future teammate, acknowledging the privilege of having teamed up with “arguably the greatest driver of all time.”

Russell couldn’t help but reveal the buzz surrounding the team’s next move, saying, “It’s been pretty funny to see driver names pop up on Toto’s phone, and I’ve gotten a few calls and texts on my phone too.” His comments shed light on the speculative frenzy and the team’s ‘look on the bright side’ outlook towards the future. “As a team, we now have a great opportunity and are in a good position to take on the next chapter after Lewis achieved so much,” he added, underscoring the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter at Mercedes.

Mick Schumacher, the Mercedes reserve driver, also threw his hat into the ring, expressing his ambition to step up. “I’m of course aware that Lewis’ seat will be free,” Schumacher told Sky Deutschland, voicing his readiness and determination to return to F1’s pinnacle, supported by his efforts to “impress” in the world endurance championship and Le Mans.

Fabian Vettel, Sebastian’s brother, however, offered a more tempered view on the comeback rumors. “I am in no position to speak for Sebastian,” he said, distancing himself from speculation while acknowledging the allure of F1. “And I don’t doubt a certain desire, the appeal and his abilities. But it wouldn’t fit.” He hinted at the reasons behind Sebastian’s initial departure, suggesting a return might not align with his brother’s current life phase. “Sebastian left at the time for a different purpose,” Fabian remarked, pointing to the grueling 24-race calendar as a significant deterrent.

On the topic of Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, Fabian shared a personal insight, reflecting on his brother’s experience. “Lewis’ personality together with Ferrari, as I experienced it from Seb, don’t really fit together,” he commented, casting doubt on the compatibility between Hamilton’s character and the iconic Italian team.

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