Budget cap scandal ‘really bad’ for F1 teams

The budget cap scandal is “really bad” not just for Red Bull, but for all of the Formula 1 teams.

The sport has found itself in a deep quandary after the FIA found that the top team of the past two seasons breached the 2021 budget cap by less than 5 percent.

The penalties are now being negotiated.

“It will be very difficult to find an appropriate penalty,” said former F1 driver Christian Danner. “But I can imagine that points will be deducted.”

Aston Martin was also found to be in ‘procedural’ breach of the spending limits.

“It’s really bad for everyone involved,” Danner told Servus TV. “Formula 1 and the teams want to work profitably, but this level of profitability can only be guaranteed over the next few years if the budget cap is adhered to.

“Otherwise we’ll go back to where we were years ago.”

But what Danner says is not in doubt is that Max Verstappen deserves both his 2021 and 2022 titles.

“Last year you could have said that two drivers deserved it – Verstappen and Hamilton,” he said. “But not this time.

“In all circumstances, including Suzuka in the rain or when he had tyre problems, Max put in one top performance after the other. And there’s a lot that goes into that.”

Finally, he rubbished claims that the FIA favoured an early title win for Verstappen at Suzuka by deciding so quickly to penalise Charles Leclerc for his last-lap scrap with Sergio Perez.

“Of course you have this whining every time,” said Danner, “but the foul was a clear thing – everyone could see that. Of course it had to be punished.”

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