Carlos Sainz’s regret: Losing his F1 trainer to Max Verstappen

Where the smallest margins can make all the difference, world champion Max Verstappen is leaving no stone unturned to maintain his winning edge in Formula 1. The latest development in his quest for excellence? A change in his personal trainer – which is a loss for one of his rivals who already admits to being in a “bad mood” at the end of 2023.

Bradley Scanes, Verstappen’s trusted performance coach for the past four years, recently informed Red Bull that the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix would be his final race with the Dutch sensation. His decision, according to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, is rooted in a desire to explore other career opportunities and spend more quality time with his family.

Correspondent Erik Van Haren provided insight into the situation, stating, “Scanes also has other work and would like to spend more time at home with his family.”

But what’s truly caught the attention of F1 aficionados is Scanes’ replacement—another Briton named Rupert Manwaring. Manwaring, with a family history and name intertwined with Formula 1, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Notably, he served as the personal trainer and physio for Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz for several years until now, while his father and namesake worked with Verstappen’s father Jos in his active F1 days

For Sainz, the news comes as a blow, particularly after a challenging conclusion to his 2023 campaign. Despite achieving the remarkable feat of being the only non-Red Bull driver to secure a grand prix victory this season, his year ended on a sour note.

“The truth is that there are quite a few positive things about 2023 that are difficult to think about right now,” a reflective Sainz commented following the Abu Dhabi finale. “They were two very, very hard races for me at the end of the season. Nothing has gone right for me.”

However, Sainz remains optimistic about the future, saying, “But I’m sure after a sleep and once I’m in a better mood again, I will look back on the positive things that for sure are there.”

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