Carlos Sainz’s secret to dodging Ferrari’s strategic blunders

Carlos Sainz has dismissed claims that his driving skills have significantly advanced in 2024, which coincides with Ferrari overcoming its previous strategic errors in race planning.

Ferrari’s blunders in race strategy, which were often ridiculed online through memes last year, contrast sharply with Sainz’s now seemingly enhanced performance. As Ferrari prepares to replace him in 2025, he is currently exploring other opportunities.

Sainz argues that these views are incorrect. “We just simply improved the car,” the 29-year-old declares. “The reality is just in Formula 1, the car is very important.”

“Yes, I’m driving at a high level, but at the same time, having a car that just allows you to go a bit longer, allows you to be a bit closer in dirty air and play around a bit more with strategy, just allows you to shine a bit more,” he explains.

Reflecting on the past, he notes, “Last year in the races, we looked like we were always going backwards – always defending. But we were terrible with tyre management. It’s a completely different picture now.”

“We’ve improved everywhere,” Sainz continues, “but especially in race pace. It allows us to have more strategic flexibility. It allows me to go forward in the races instead of looking in my mirrors all the time.”

Moreover, Sainz acknowledges that Ferrari has made significant strides in various areas, not just in terms of pace and tyre management, but also in executing effective race strategies.

“But if you see a jump this year on strategy, it’s purely down to the car,” Sainz remarks. “Last year, we were boxed in to stop at certain laps. We couldn’t extend because we had so much (tyre) deg. We just couldn’t do anything.”


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