Could Verstappen leave? His one Red Bull demand revealed

Max Verstappen has made it clear that he will remain with Red Bull as long as the environment is “peaceful and calm.” This statement comes amid swirling speculations that internal discord within the team’s leadership could see the triple world champion looking for an exit prior to the end of his 2028 contract.

The tension appears to have quieted down amid the Verstappen uncertainty, despite reports of a reshuffle in legal representation handling an internal complaint against team boss Christian Horner. When asked about this development, Dr. Helmut Marko, an influential figure within Red Bull’s Austrian faction, simply said, “No comment.”

Despite these internal issues, Marko was careful in his wording, emphasizing Verstappen’s priority to compete in the fastest car. “Max wants to be in the fastest car,” he noted, asserting that Verstappen and Red Bull make “an unbeatable combination.” However, he also hinted at potential shifts, “But if you put Max in a Ferrari, things would look different. The 20 seconds that he is ahead of Checo (Perez) correspond to his (Verstappen’s) driving superiority.”

Marko firmly reiterated Verstappen’s position, “Max will drive where he has the best car, and he has that at Red Bull. Nothing else is on the horizon.”

Verstappen himself emphasizes the importance of stability and tranquility within the team, “What I have always said from the beginning is that we want a peaceful and calm environment,” he is quoted by a Spanish newspaper in Shanghai. He further expressed satisfaction with recent team dynamics, “I think lately we have been talking about the car and performance, so I am already very happy about that. That’s how it should be.”

Concluding his thoughts, the Dutch driver underlined his commitment, “Of course, as long as I’m happy with the team, there will never be a reason to leave.”


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