Domenicali wants to drive down F1 car weight

Stefano Domenicali admits he would like to drive down the ever-increasing weight of Formula 1 cars.

After the recent F1 Commission meeting, the FIA confirmed the body’s objectives to “reduce car dimensions” and “reduce or contain car mass” in 2026.

Indeed, while minimum car weights were once in the 500-600 kilo range, that number has blown out to an unprecedented 798kg as the regulations changed for 2022.

F1 chief executive Domenicali admits that is not ideal.

“We used to think of F1 in terms of light cars. The weight-to-power ratio has always been a determining factor,” he told Sky Italia.

“It is clear that today, between the hybridisation and the safety systems, weight is an issue that I would like to be able to manage better to give the drivers a lighter car.

“But it will take a great magic wand,” Domenicali admitted.

He is also vowing to tread a fine line between taking Formula 1 into new and lucrative markets like the US and China without completely cutting ties with Europe.

“The innovative push that we are bringing with new promoters is also a push for the traditional European ones to grow and evolve,” Domenicali said.

“Talking about history is no longer enough.”

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