Drama at Ferrari: Leclerc betrayed by Hamilton’s shock ’25 signing

Jean Alesi suggests that Lewis Hamilton’s forthcoming move to Ferrari could be advantageous for Charles Leclerc’s championship aspirations. Amidst rumors of Leclerc’s discontent at Ferrari, as reported by Corriere dello Sport, the partnership with Hamilton is seen as a major shift within the sport, potentially challenging Red Bull’s dominance. F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has lauded the move as beneficial for the sport’s popularity, foreseeing changes in team dynamics at both Ferrari and Mercedes.

The dynamics at Ferrari have reportedly already shifted, following the news of Hamilton’s arrival, which was unknown to Leclerc at the time of his recent contract renewal. The situation poses a challenge to Leclerc’s standing within the team, as noted by Corriere dello Sport, stating, “If Leclerc stays in front he will be a hero, but if he is behind Lewis it will tarnish his reputation as a predestined man.”

Giancarlo Minardi has expressed confusion over Ferrari’s decision-making, highlighting the disparity between the team’s commitment to Leclerc and their decision to bring Hamilton onboard. This move has raised questions about Ferrari’s performance issues being related to their drivers.

Jean Alesi, reflecting on his experience, believes that Hamilton’s presence could actually support Leclerc’s bid for the championship. Alesi describes Leclerc as embodying “panache, pure speed, talent, youth,” and suggests that Hamilton’s experience and influence could accelerate the team’s progress. According to Alesi, Hamilton’s arrival signals the beginning of a new chapter for Ferrari, aimed at constructing a competitive team.

Piero Ferrari has downplayed any potential issues arising from Hamilton’s signing, emphasizing the professional nature of Formula 1 and the mutual benefits for both drivers. He reaffirms Ferrari’s support for Leclerc while welcoming Hamilton’s contribution to the team’s legacy.

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