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Easy wins are boring says Vettel

There is no reason for Ferrari to fear any of the upcoming races says, Sebastian Vettel. The German was talking about the impending Singapore race and beyond and what we can expect from the Italian team.

After Mercedes claimed two back to back victories in Spa and Monza, making Lewis Hamilton the championship leader, the tide is about to turn for Ferrari. Marina Bay’s high downforce circuit is quite similar to Monaco and Budapest, two tracks which Ferrari dominated this year. The experience sets the bets in favour of the Maranello team.

In a stark contrast, Mercedes team is already giving sound bytes about the difficulties their W08 will face in the Singapore circuit and how they are looking forward to gaining the advantage back in other circuits coming later in the season.

Vettel doesn’t agree with Mercedes’ analysis and believes Ferrari will stay competitive in all the upcoming circuits.

Talking about the circuit advantage that Mercedes claimed, Vettel said: “Well, I know how to read but I don’t really care what’s written on the paper. They’re all tracks that I like, to be honest, so I’m very much looking forward to them. I think we are here to race, so if it’s hard it’s good. Easy is boring. I think that’s what we all want and I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

For the first time this season, Hamilton is ahead of Vettel in the driver’s championship title points. Mercedes has been struggling to get a better handle on their understanding of W08 throughout the season.

Toto Wolff called the car a ‘diva’ for its variable performance. On the other hand, Ferrari has made significant progress in the race pace, as we saw in Spa. Vettel is excited about the upgrades that will come to the car through the rest of the season.

“At the moment you can say that Mercedes has an edge. Saturdays they’re very strong which obviously has its contribution to Sundays, it’s not a big secret but I think we are strong, we don’t need to hide and there’s plenty of positives.

“Things are coming, I’m sure they are developing their car. We are developing ours so I’m not so fussed about what they doing.

“I’m more focused on what’s going on inside us, inside Ferrari and it makes me quite positive, what’s coming, so we just need to see and then there’s always the extra element of racing that you can’t predict, that you can’t put down on paper and that’s usually the most exciting bit so I’m very much a fan of that and a fan of the moment and see what we can do.”

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