Every Red Bull win makes McLaren Happy

Every Red Bull win makes McLaren Happy

Every win that Red Bull gets in 2017, McLaren F1 team will cheer, because every inch of progress Renault makes on its engine will be a bonus for the British team next year.

Renault engines had a lot of reliability troubles this year, with the biggest one happening in Mexico, where four out of six Renault powered cars retired due to engine failure.

McLaren walked out of Honda deal as the Japanese engine was underperforming and had too many reliability issues. The French engine maker’s recent failures should make the Woking based team very nervous.

But according to team chiefs Eric Boullier and Zak Brown, McLaren is choosing to look at the Renault engine that won the race, rather than the four others that failed. They believe that the French engine maker can fix the reliability issues easily and are more inspired by the performance of the power unit.

“Fixing reliability is a challenge, but it is always easier than finding performance,” Boullier told a sports website.

“What I just would like to take on board is that in Malaysia and Mexico, they were proper runaway wins.

“The Renault engine won two races in the last four races, and in a very fair and clean manner. So, no concern at all.”

Brown added: “They are pushing the envelope. They are turning up the power and when you turn up the power you increase the reliability risk. But I am not concerned about it.”

Red Bull’s top form in the last few races means that the Milton Keynes-based team has worked through its car issues and are ready for a strong battle next season, which will make McLaren’s job harder than before.

“They have definitely stepped up the last three races, and it is a good reference for McLaren now. So we know who we have to beat next year and that is it,” he said.

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