Extra points for sprint race ‘grand slam’ – F1 CEO

Formula 1 may introduce extra points for a new epic achievement – pole, sprint race victory, and the grand prix win on Sunday.

It will be possible if the three-weekend trial of the new ‘sprint qualifying’ format this year proves a success.

“It’s a formula that offers more content for television and the ability for organisers to spread the interest over several days,” said F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali.

The first trial will be at the British GP at Silverstone in July.

“For the drivers we are thinking about bonus points for those who do the grand slam – pole, victory in the sprint race and victory in the grand prix,” Domenicali revealed.

“If successful, it can become the way to run the most historic and iconic grands prix permanently.”

The Italian is also confident that spectators are now steadily returning to the tracks as Formula 1 and the world adjusts to the covid-19 situation.

“I hope so,” said the former Ferrari boss.

“Already in Monaco we had 7,500 people a day, all subject to covid tests. In Austria, France and Germany we should have spectators and, if confirmed, at Silverstone it should even be a full house,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“In Texas, the health situation has already normalised and I hope something similar can also happen at Monza in September.”

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Extra points for sprint race ‘grand slam’ – F1 CEO - fan.news
13 days ago

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13 days ago

This is ridiculous! As a spectator, I’m not interested in stupid sprint races, reverse grids and nonsense ideas! What I’m interested in is proper scientific data being brought to the race track with the traditional Practice Sessions, Qualifying, Race. Stop meddling as a way of trying to increase profits, you’ll completely ruin the enjoyment of it. Not interested in extra points for who has the best hair, best helmet, etc. Keep it simple! Typical F1 CEO learn to stick to what you’re good at! If it’s not broke don’t fix it!

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