F1 clone wars: Red Bull’s winning formula trickles down

Daniel Ricciardo has his eyes firmly set on the podium for the 2024 Formula 1 season, as his team, formerly known as Alpha Tauri and now rebranded as Visa Cash App RB, strengthens its technical partnership with the powerhouse, Red Bull Racing. This collaboration marks a pivotal shift, aiming to propel the team into the top echelon of the competition, leveraging Red Bull’s championship-winning technology.

In a significant move that underscores the depth of their alliance, the team has adopted both the rear and, now, the front suspension systems of Red Bull’s dominant car from the previous season. Ricciardo, optimistic about the team’s prospects, has voiced an ambitious target: “A place in the top five should be our goal,” he stated, hinting at the potential for podium finishes.

The integration of Red Bull’s advanced suspension technology into the 2024 car, referred to by insiders as VCARB, has not gone unnoticed. Observers, including Marco Canseco of Marca, have pointed out the car’s striking resemblance to its “older brother,” suggesting a significant leap forward in its design and capabilities. This synergy between the two teams, while drawing scrutiny from rivals, exemplifies a strategic use of resources within the regulations to maximize performance.

Yuki Tsunoda, Ricciardo’s teammate, openly acknowledges the strategy of leveraging their relationship with Red Bull Racing more extensively than in previous years. “That’s good news,” Tsunoda remarked, emphasizing the intention to draw upon Red Bull’s recent dominance in the sport to their advantage.

The team’s organizational structure has also undergone a transformation, with Laurent Mekies, formerly of Ferrari, stepping in to lead. Mekies highlighted the strategic relocation of their aerodynamics branch to Milton Keynes, aiming to foster closer collaboration with Red Bull and attract top talent.

Technical analysts, including Paolo Filisetti of La Gazzetta dello Sport, predict a notable advancement for the team, suggesting that the new car not only emulates the championship-winning RB19 but also pushes its design principles further, incorporating elements from other successful cars.

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