F1 had to go down ‘sustainable’ road – Domenicali

Formula 1 has no choice other than to join the rest of the world by prioritising “sustainability”.

The sport pioneered highly efficient ‘power unit’ technology some eight years ago now, but CEO Stefano Domenicali says it cannot stop there.

Indeed, F1 is now pushing a ‘net-zero carbon’ goal for 2023, and intends to continue to phase in sustainable biofuels.

“Today, if you don’t have a credible sustainability project, nobody wants to work with you anymore,” Domenicali told the Italian broadcaster Sky Sport.

“We have a serious agenda and an opportunity to explain our logic. Not even 1 percent of our consumption occurs on the track.

“We have made the choice for sustainable fuel because it is important to have goals,” he added.

In the Liberty Media-owned era, Formula 1 is determined to continue to modernise – meaning that even the most historic circuits like Monza are not immune to the axe.

“We must always be ready to propose new ideas,” Domenicali said, “improving the races on the track by proposing unique events for those who come to see them.

“Formula 1 wants Monza, that’s absolutely true, just as Monza also wants Formula 1. But when it comes to complex systems, we need facts.”

The big dilemma for Domenicali, who was born in Imola and is famous for heading Ferrari until 2014, is that many countries with deeper pockets are now clamouring to join the already-swollen calendar.

“Compared to other world platforms, Formula 1 is certainly on the podium today, I am sure,” he said.

“It is arousing so much interest for new fans and new generations who are appearing and they want more and more content.

“Our work is in three directions: giving financial sustainability to the protagonists on the track, knowing that there is a new community that must be informed in a different way to the past, and proposing a business platform for all the companies that work with us,” Domenicali concluded.

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