F1 should consider ‘special’ Monaco tyre – Alonso

Formula 1 should consider introducing a special tyre or special rules to spice up races like Monaco.

The size and speed of the current cars, multiplied by the tight and twisty Monaco street layout, resulted in a particularly processional race last weekend.

“On city streets, the tyres are very important – especially in Monaco,” 39-year-old two-time world champion Alonso told Soy Motor.

“I think Formula 1 should consider perhaps developing a special tyre for Monaco that is not used on other tracks,” said the Alpine driver.

“Or just force everyone to use the softest tyres and stop them from using the harder ones. Monaco is a special race, so it may be worth thinking about making some special rules for it.”

Some think Formula 1 has outgrown the fabled Principality altogether – but Toto Wolff insists the sport should continue to race at Monaco.

“Monaco stands for Formula 1,” said the Mercedes boss.

“It’s glamour, it’s exciting, and yes it’s one of the tracks where there’s less overtaking.

“But if you ask me if we should be there, I say 100 percent yes. It is one of the most important grand prix of the year.”

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F1 should consider ‘special’ Monaco tyre – Alonso - fan.news
14 days ago

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F1 should consider 'special' Monaco tyre – Alonso - Cathelete
14 days ago

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14 days ago

Frankly Monaco is boring!Once the positions are decided the race is essentially over. For those of us not wealthy enough to afford tickets to the events, the tv viewing is frankly dull, dull dull. Add to that the Principality ruined many of the exciting shots this year, there are more exciting tracks for F1 to race at. Something needs to change, that’s for sure.

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