F1 threatening to block Las Vegas GP views

Formula 1 is threatening to block spectacular views of its new Las Vegas GP circuit if hotels, casinos and restaurants do not pay hefty licensing fees.

The New York Post reports that venues along the Strip and beyond are being told to pay $1500 per head – adding up to multiple millions per venue in some cases – or risk having views obstructed by barriers and strategically-aimed lights.

A letter sent from Liberty Media-owned F1 to venues reads: “Las Vegas GP will use reasonable efforts to maintain sightedness from licensee’s venue to the track.”

One casino owner hit back: “They are literally shaking people down saying they will obstruct views unless they pay them.

“It seems insane that they are asking money for a public event that is taking place in the streets.”

Another source added: “I know the hotels are upset about it and they are trying to figure out if they’ll play along.

“There is a certain line they are crossing telling someone who has spent billions on their property that you are shutting the Strip down for construction and then asking them to pay for seats.

“They are trying to limit people’s ability to capitalise on the race.”

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