Father’s call for calm: Jos fights for his Max’s F1 ‘peace’

In the midst of ongoing turbulence within Red Bull Racing, Jos Verstappen is advocating for the restoration of “peace” and “calm”. This call comes as Max Verstappen faces a relentless barrage of inquiries related to Christian Horner’s internal battle for dominance, causing distractions at every turn.

The controversy, marked by a clear clash for control and Horner’s interactions with a currently suspended female employee, continues unabated. A significant development in this ongoing saga is the formal complaint lodged against Horner with the FIA’s ethics committee by the aforementioned staffer.

According to a publication in Bild, a prominent German newspaper, “Red Bull Racing said it had no knowledge of the complaint and would not comment further,” highlighting the escalating tensions within the team.

Further complicating matters, the female employee has challenged the outcome of Red Bull’s internal probe, which previously exonerated Horner from any misconduct. Sources reveal that “A timetable for her appeal process is being drawn up,” indicating a prolonged dispute.

The FIA, headquartered in Paris, has received the new complaint, though its spokesperson stated that due to the ethics committee’s autonomous and confidential operation, “As a result, we are unable to confirm receipt of the complaint or make comment,” leaving the matter shrouded in secrecy.

In an effort to quell the ongoing turmoil, Red Bull’s key figures, including Horner, Dr. Helmut Marko, and the Verstappen family, have reportedly agreed to a “ceasefire” in the public eye, particularly with the Australian Grand Prix on the horizon.

While participating in a rally in Belgium, which he victoriously clinched, Max Verstappen’s father, Jos, acknowledged the existence of a “power struggle” within Red Bull. He expressed to the Belgian news outlet Sporza, “That’s part of it, but it is also necessary that there is peace in the team now. It’s necessary to get some calm again, but given the circumstances, it will take a while, I think.

Jos Verstappen further elaborated, “I can’t say much about it. Hopefully they can concentrate on racing again soon, because that’s what it’s all about. And it’s important that Max continues to win.

He also mentioned the team’s performance, “The car is running very well and between the engineers and him there is nothing wrong. For the most part, Max can switch off, but he gets a lot of questions about it,” underscoring the unwelcome distraction this situation poses for his son. Jos highlighted Max’s discomfort with these inquiries, adding, “He doesn’t like that, but it is also part of Formula 1.”

Leo Turrini, a distinguished Italian journalist, speculated that this conflict transcends Horner’s actions or any immediate power grab. In his Quotidiano column, Turrini suggested, “Maybe Verstappen senior and Marko are right in doubting that the empire can survive without Porsche from 2026. They’re not arguing about ‘metoo’, they’re fighting each other because the future is at stake. And they could all lose.

Turrini humorously pointed out the potential consequences for Max, “Max has a clause to get out of the contract, and Mercedes would take him straight away. At Aston Martin they would cover him with gold,” before questioning Max’s future ambitions, “But what are Max’s intentions? Give up the 2025 title to prepare for a new era?”


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