Ferrari, Red Bull comment on Newey’s shock $100m temptation

Two leading Formula 1 teams, including Red Bull and Ferrari, have moved to downplay dramatic news suggesting that Adrian Newey might leave Red Bull Racing. Various credible sources, from The Netherlands’ De Telegraaf to Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport, alongside Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport, have been buzzing with claims that Newey, a revered British designer, intends to depart.

Speculation is rife that Newey, who reportedly earns $10 million yearly at Red Bull, is frustrated with internal disputes and the controversy surrounding Christian Horner. Reports also indicate dissatisfaction with how Red Bull has sidelined him to the RB17 hypercar project over his F1 contributions.

Paolo Filisetti, writing for La Gazzetta, claims that Aston Martin has dangled a tempting $100 million offer before Newey. In response to these swirling rumours, a representative from Red Bull told Agence France-Presse, “Adrian is under contract until at least the end of 2025 and we are not aware of him joining another team.”

There’s speculation that Newey might opt to not participate in the 2025 season, which would require him to undertake a year-long ‘gardening leave’ following the end of his contract.

Recently, the rumour mill gained further momentum when Newey was seen at Ferrari’s Mugello circuit, sparking more whispers about his possible move to Ferrari. In light of these speculations, Ferrari’s team leader, Frederic Vasseur, humorously remarked, “If everyone who tests at Mugello sign with Ferrari, we’ll have to buy a bus to bring them to us.”

Discussing the situation on the F1 aan Tafel program, Frans Verschuur, a prominent Dutch motorsport personality, commented, “Adrian is only at Red Bull in name only. If Red Bull lets him go, they will at least save on wages. (Pierre) Wache is the man who actually builds the car, not Newey.” He further noted, “His time has also passed. Just as I think (Lewis) Hamilton’s time has passed.”


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