Ferrari reveals aero, engine changes for 2020

Ferrari’s 2020 car will feature fundamental changes when it is revealed to the public on February 11.

Speaking at the team’s end of season dinner, boss Mattia Binotto thinks Ferrari will be “probably the first” of the ten teams to launch for 2020.

Indeed, February 11 is a full eight days prior to the start of winter testing, but Binotto says Ferrari will use that time to work on reliability.

That is because the car will feature a different aerodynamic philosophy, and a considerably revised engine.

“It will be based on what we have learned this year, so it is a machine that will be born with much more downforce than today,” said the Italian.

“We therefore do not expect to have the fastest car on the straights. I’m not saying we will copy the others, but we will adapt to the behaviour of the tyres, which will remain the same next year.”

As for Ferrari’s engine, it was the strongest in the field in 2019 but also attracted widespread controversy amid a flurry of FIA rules clarifications.

“The power unit is strongly revised for 2020,” Binotto announced, “even from an architectural point of view, especially in the upper part.

“Despite the stability of the regulations since 2014, we think there is still a lot to do.”

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