Ferrari to secure Leclerc with early contract extension

On the cusp of a new era, Ferrari is poised to solidify Charles Leclerc’s position in the team with a contract extension for 2025, to be announced this Thursday. Despite his recent expletive-laden exit before the Brazilian Grand Prix had even commenced, Ferrari teased fans with an enigmatic social media post hinting at “Something cool dropping tomorrow.”

Italian publication Autosprint has stoked the fires of speculation with claims that Ferrari is on the brink of confirming Leclerc’s prolonged stay at the Scuderia. “According to rumours, tomorrow the Rossa will announce Leclerc’s contract extension,” the magazine reported, anticipating a significant commitment from both sides.

The backdrop to this prospective extension is anything but smooth, with Leclerc visibly agitated by a technical snag that cut his Brazilian endeavor short. The incident was a striking blow, according to Corriere della Sera, amid negotiations for his contract’s extension. Leclerc is clear in his desire for more than just a contract; he seeks assurance of a competitive car that can contend for the World Championship.

Leclerc’s ride with Ferrari has been a rollercoaster of emotions, plagued by reliability issues and questionable strategic decisions. Daniele Sparisci of Corriere della Sera terms it “wounds of love,” a phrase that encapsulates their shared journey of passion and pain. Sparisci emphasizes that while Leclerc’s anger might subside, his doubts linger, necessitating firm faith in Ferrari’s capability to vie for supremacy.

Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s newly minted team boss, faces 2024 as a decisive year, tasked with steering the team back to its former glory amidst criticism of his support team. Giorgio Terruzzi of Corriere della Sera mourns the dissolution of the revered Scuderia spirit, suggesting a profound disconnect from its fanbase and an internal apathy that threatens its legacy.

In the face of this identity crisis, Ralf Schumacher reminds us that resuscitating Ferrari is no short-term endeavour. Drawing parallels to his brother Michael’s era, he acknowledges the complex nature of the beast: “Ferrari has always been a bit of a problem child. At Ferrari you need patience.”

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