Ferrari’s secret weapon in the Red Bull saga: Poaching Pierre Wache?

As Red Bull Racing continues its dominant streak in Formula 1, the team’s internal conflicts have not gone unnoticed by rivals, sparking intense speculation and strategic movements within the paddock. Mercedes has set its sights on enticing Max Verstappen, potentially leveraging a strategic acquisition of Dr. Helmut Marko to facilitate Verstappen’s shift, given the emergence of a ‘Marko clause’ in his contract amidst the unfolding Christian Horner scandal.

Toto Wolff, with a hint of humor, mentioned to Sky Italia the absence of a team mascot since Niki Lauda’s passing, playfully suggesting Marko as a fitting adversary to fill that void, “We miss our mascot,” Wolff said, “and Helmut has always been our favourite enemy. It fits in terms of age, but he doesn’t have a red cap yet.”

Amidst these developments, Marko expressed to ORF the significant impact losing Verstappen would have on the team, noting the driver’s pivotal role and the potential repercussions on team dynamics, “Losing Max would be an incredible loss,” Marko stated, “because many mechanics and engineers are trying to work for Max. Max is definitely the strongest asset because there is no faster driver at the moment.”

This sentiment is echoed by the potential for a “domino effect,” as highlighted by Felix Gorner of RTL, suggesting that Verstappen’s departure could trigger further exits from Red Bull.

Amidst this backdrop of potential upheaval, Ferrari has reportedly “intensified contact” with a key figure from Red Bull’s technical team, Pierre Wache, known as Adrian Newey’s “right-hand man,” according to Paolo Filisetti of La Gazzetta dello Sport. This move signals Ferrari’s strategic ambitions to strengthen its technical prowess by potentially bringing Wache into its fold, amidst the swirling rumours of Red Bull’s internal strife.


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