From clean-cut to controversy: Bottas’ nicotine endorsement

Scrutiny surrounds Valtteri Bottas in Finland due to his indirect promotion of a nicotine product.

Post his clean-cut tenure with Mercedes, the Finnish driver adopted a distinctive look, now characterized by a moustache and a ‘mullet’ cut, complemented by a proactive approach to social media and an expansion into various business engagements.

Among his recent business ventures is an apparent association with Luna Corporate, a Polish nicotine firm. Despite the absence of Bottas’ explicit endorsement, the ’77 Pouches’ range features a silhouette unmistakably resembling him on its flavored nicotine pouch packaging.

The Finnish newspaper Ilta Sanomat reported, “Bottas has not confirmed that he has agreed to be the advertising face of 77,” adding, “His manager has not responded to requests for comment in the past days.”

Furthermore, Iltalehti, another publication, observed that the nicotine strength in the ’77’ lineup’s most potent product reaches 20 grams, surpassing the legal limit in Finland.

ASH, a Finnish authority on public health and tobacco regulation, expressed concern, stating, “It is unfortunate if Valtteri Bottas knowingly advertises a harmful and highly addictive product.”

Iltalehti managed to reach out to Ville Ahtiainen, Bottas’ sponsorship manager, who was unaware of any collaboration with 77 Pouches. “Ahtiainen promised to look into the matter, but did not respond to subsequent contact requests,” the paper stated.

Speculation also arose from an Instagram post by Bottas late last year, where he seemed to have a tin of nicotine pouches in his pocket.

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