From Ferrari to Mercedes?: Rumours rise about Sainz’s big move

Carlos Sainz is reportedly nearing a pivotal deal that would see him join the ranks of Mercedes in 2025. As whispers grow louder within the motorsport community, this potential shift comes hot on the heels of Fernando Alonso’s remarks regarding a transfer from Aston Martin to Mercedes as “not attractive.” The F1 paddock is abuzz with speculation, significantly heightened following Alonso’s statement.

Laura Lopez Albiac, a noted journalist for Diario Sport, shared insights suggesting that “the latest leaks from the paddock indicate that Carlos could be close to signing for Mercedes.” She added, “In recent hours, information has emerged pointing to a fairly imminent announcement – in the coming weeks – of the agreement with the Spaniard.”

Amidst this high-stakes F1 musical chairs, Sainz’s alternative appears to be a move to Audi-owned Sauber, notwithstanding the persistent claims by Red Bull that they are weighing him as a contender to take over Sergio Perez’s spot. Yet, it’s understood that Christian Horner is the lone voice within Red Bull advocating for Sainz’s inclusion. In contrast, Dr Helmut Marko seems to favor extending Perez for another year, underscoring the team’s internal disagreements.

Addressing the challenges Perez faces in competing with teammate Max Verstappen, former F1 racer Vitaly Petrov opined, “It’s difficult for Sergio to fight with Max,” before highlighting the significance of their performance: “but that one-two at Suzuka speaks volumes. I think they are happy with everything as it is.” Petrov firmly believes, “They do not need a second Max Verstappen.”

Echoing this sentiment, Ralf Schumacher suggested that Horner views Sainz as a strategic acquisition, potentially safeguarding the team from the possible departure of Verstappen. Schumacher explained, “Carlos is used to sitting next to strong drivers. And Verstappen’s time there will also come to an end eventually. Carlos knows this. He believes he can beat him.”

Meanwhile, Kees van de Grint, a former F1 engineer, spoke to Viaplay about Perez’s future, stating, “Perez will stay. He’s not the best, but he’s one of the better drivers, whilst Verstappen is in a class of his own.”

A potential hurdle for Sainz at Mercedes is the prospect of limited tenure due to Toto Wolff’s accelerating preparation of Kimi Antonelli, a rising teen star, for an eventual seat in the race lineup. This situation has led former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde to advise caution, suggesting, “He (Sainz) will of course be talking to everyone, but if I was him, I’d wait and see.”

Van der Garde further mused on the implications of Verstappen’s presence for Sainz’s decisions: “If there is an option to get into the best car, the Red Bull, great. But as long as Max is there, Sainz will not be there. I don’t believe that.” He speculated on the eventualities that could reshape the driver lineup, saying, “If something happens with Max and he chooses another team, as Red Bull I would get Sainz. But as long as Max is there, I see Perez staying for another two years.”


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