Gasly wants to prevent ‘far right’ president

Pierre Gasly has put his name to a letter denouncing France’s potential move to the “far right” of politics.

After the drivers almost boycotted the recent Saudi Arabian GP, GPDA president Alex Wurz said Formula 1 had experienced a “very swift change” in which the drivers are actively and openly political.

“The transformation of young people taking this responsibility is impressive,” he said.

So amid the intense French presidential election campaign, in which victory for right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen looks possible, dozens of French athletes have put their names to a letter in support of Emmanuel Macron.

It was published by Franceinfo, a major French broadcaster, and Le Parisien newspaper, making clear their effects to “block the far right”.

Alpha Tauri driver Gasly, 26, was among the signatories.

“The sport in which we believe, with the values of Olympism, is comprised of friendship and respect – it is the place of diversity,” the column reads.

“It rejects all discrimination. It is because we believe in this sport, fraternal and inclusive, that we are committed to preventing our nation from placing at its head a president who embodies the complete opposite,” Gasly and about 50 other French athletes insisted.

They accused Le Pen of “stigmatisation of the other, the withdrawal into oneself, and nationalism”.

“We therefore call for a vote for Emmanuel Macron on April 24,” the column concluded.

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