Horner expects more powerful Ferrari engine

Christian Horner expects Ferrari will field a more powerful Formula 1 car in 2023.

Last year, the Maranello team’s initial challenge to Horner-led Red Bull ultimately petered out – but reports from Italy suggest the Ferrari power unit will be 30 horsepower better this season.

The same reports suggest Ferrari’s chassis will also be considerably lighter in 2023.

“In theory,” Red Bull boss Horner told Auto Motor und Sport, “nobody can gain a lot of horsepower anymore.

“But Ferrari obviously had reliability problems last season. If they have fixed those problems, they can get more out of the same engine this year. That will inevitably lead to progress at Ferrari.”

At the same time, Red Bull’s engine – the Honda-based ‘Red Bull Powertrains’ unit – powered Max Verstappen to a dominant title win in 2022.

“I think Ferrari has a lot more margin so we have to take that into account,” Horner said. “We all saw how they really scaled the engine back last year after their reliability issues.

“We only had minor reliability problems last year – certainly not to the extent of Ferrari.”

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