Inexperienced drivers won’t hurt Williams says Mansell

Inexperienced drivers won’t hurt Williams says Mansell

Despite their inexperienced line-up, the Williams F1 team can still deliver good results in the 2018  season due to technological advancements, says 1992 world champion, Nigel Mansell.

The British team announced ex-Renault reserve driver Sergey Sirotkin and Lance Stroll as their drivers for the next F1 season. Both the driver’s combined age is 41, which is just three years older than Ferrari’s Kimi Räikkönen.

To balance the need for an experienced hand, Williams signed Robert Kubica as their development and reserve driver. Kubica will support both the drivers and will also help with the car’s development.

Mansell believes that while in the past, having two inexperienced drivers would have been a big challenge, today’s F1 cars are a lot easier to drive, so it is not a big deal.

“In years gone by, without the computer aids, I’d be concerned by two young drivers in the team,”- Mansell

“That is not so much the case now with so many support engineers and so much information.

“A Formula 1 car, until it is handed over to the driver at a certain speed, drives itself now. So they will get a lot of support.

“I hope if the car is good and that there’ll be some races where they can shine. I hope they don’t fall down the grid.”

Apart from simulator testing, Kubica will take part in pre-season testing, in-season testing and a few Friday practice sessions during the grand prix weekend.

Mansell is certain both Sirotkin and Stroll can learn a lot from Kubica’s vast experience.

“It depends how much experience a driver has got of winning and competing at a high level,” said Mansell.

“Competing at a high level is one thing, winning at a high level is another thing.

“I find it interesting having been teammates with world champions and working with all of them closely, you tend to learn an awful lot real quick.

“You have more insight. It always interests me to get someone else’s perspective.”

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