Is Lance Stroll the worst F1 driver? The experts weigh in

The focus in F1 is intensifying on Lance Stroll as he continues to be scrutinised for his performance on the track.

During an incident-packed race in Shanghai, Daniel Ricciardo found himself at odds with Stroll after being unexpectedly hit from behind by Stroll’s Aston Martin during a safety car period.

“I slowly started to calm down and then I was told what Lance thinks of it,” Ricciardo shared with reporters. “Apparently, I’m an idiot and it was my fault, so that made my blood boil because it’s clear as day and it’s also behind a safety car. So I’m doing my best not to say what I want to say, but f**k that guy – and I’m still being nice.”

Despite being the progeny of Lawrence Stroll, a billionaire and the team’s owner, Lance has not yet secured his spot for the 2025 season, even as Fernando Alonso’s contract has been renewed for two additional years.

Danish race car driver Jason Watt didn’t mince words, suggesting, “Give him the sack immediately.” He described Alonso as “driving alongside the worst driver in the field, in my eyes.”

Toni Vilander, another racing driver, critiqued Stroll’s reaction to the incident with Ricciardo, labeling his attitude as “annoying”. “He is indifferent to the whole situation,” Vilander stated on Viaplay. “There is actually nothing to discuss – totally Stroll’s fault. He completely misjudged the situation because he was not awake. It would be a lot easier to get out of that situation if you said, like Kimi (Raikkonen) would, ‘I crashed, sorry, my fault’.”

Aston Martin’s team boss, Mike Krack, however, stood firm behind his driver, criticising the stewards for their rapid and severe response to the incident. “The stewards have been tough on Lance and Fernando recently,” he explained to Sky Deutschland. “We had it in Melbourne, we had it with Lance – a very, very quick verdict today without really understanding. I think it was very, very fast and very hard decision. That’s how things are.”


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