Is Sainz still fit to race? Latest updates from Melbourne

Carlos Sainz has successfully completed the initial medical evaluations by the FIA in Melbourne, where he was also seen cycling around the Albert Park circuit. This development is a positive indicator that the 29-year-old Spaniard, who has been recovering from a recent emergency appendix surgery in Saudi Arabia, is gearing up to compete in this weekend’s race.

Ferrari has announced, “Carlos Sainz is expected to be back in the car,” although they have Oliver Bearman, the remarkable substitute from Jeddah, ready as a precaution. Bearman is also in Melbourne for the Formula 2 event.

In Melbourne, it was noted that Sainz chose a mountain bike for his ride, preferring an upright seating position, which differs from the typical road bike stance. This adjustment is reportedly to mitigate discomfort to his surgical scars, with Sainz also planning to alleviate seatbelt pressure in his F1 car with a cushioned pad during the track sessions.

According to Sky Italia, “The Ferrari driver is a little weakened, but he underwent medical checks with the FIA’s doctors who found him in good shape. He has also lost a little weight, but is fine.”

Sainz, in a discussion with the press on Thursday, shared that he is “better every day” after spending “a lot of time in bed” the previous week. He openly acknowledges, “I’m not at 100 percent yet,” but he remains optimistic about his capability to compete, stating, “I’m confident that I’m fit enough to drive a race. We’ll see tomorrow.”


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