Is Verstappen’s dominance a problem? Lobato thinks so

Antonio Lobato, a seasoned Spanish F1 commentator, has cast doubt on the likelihood of Max Verstappen claiming victory in every grand prix of the season – but he admits it’s possible. Despite Red Bull’s near-total domination last season, with victory in every race except one, Lobato, speaking at a football match between Atletico de Madrid and FC Barcelona, anticipates other drivers will soon find themselves on the top step of the podium.

Nevertheless, Lobato acknowledges that Verstappen’s current level of success poses a challenge for the sport of Formula 1. He remarked to DAZN with a smile, “We have a problem. His name is Max and his last name is Verstappen.”

He humorously added confidence in broadcasting a race won by someone other than Verstappen, “I’m sure I’m going to commentate on the victory of another driver other than Max. If it’s not this year, it will be next year.”

Lobato reflected on a striking statistic highlighting Verstappen’s dominance: “Of the last 20 races, he has won 19. Only Carlos Sainz was able to take one away from him.”

He suggested that a part of the intrigue in current racing is the quest to see who can overcome Verstappen’s lead. Despite acknowledging the cyclical nature of dominance within F1, Lobato insists what’s happening now with Verstappen and Red Bull transcends the usual ebb and flow. “Everything goes in cycles,” he said, “but we must make it clear that what we are experiencing is not normal.”

“So a little bit of the morbidity of racing now is to see if someone is capable of beating Verstappen.”

He lamented the perfection of Verstappen’s performances, noting, “He doesn’t have a breakdown, nothing happens to him, he doesn’t make a single mistake. And it’s a shame actually because behind him is a beautiful battle,” thus highlighting the intense competition overshadowed by Verstappen’s remarkable streak of victories.

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