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Kubica getting out of Renault contract

As the Renault-McLaren agreements start to roll, another part of the deal is coming to light. Robert Kubica is reported to be released from his short term deal with the French team.

Kubica had taken part in several tests for Renault this season where he got to test the 2017 car for the first time. He also appeared at the Goodwood festival of speed, dressed in the team colours.

Now that Renault is getting Carlos Sainz as a part of the deal with Toro Rosso, they do not need another F1 driver hence the team accepted Kubica’s request to release him from a short term contract he had signed earlier this year. Kubica can now pursue other teams for a future in F1 and elsewhere.

According to reports, Kubica may be headed to Williams for next season. The chances of Felipe Massa getting an extension seems very thin, giving an opening for Kubica to return to the sport. Mark Hughes reported Kubica may also get a chance with Sauber F1 team.

In his latest Column, Hughes wrote, “We understand he has been released from the short-term contract he has been on with Renault since beginning his comeback programme in May,”

“At his request, in order that he might follow up on interest elsewhere for his services (understood to be Williams and Sauber).

“His performance in the Hungaroring test in the current Renault, whilst good, still left question marks about his fitness level, evident in an inconsistency during the long runs. His ultimate speed, on the other hand, was considered highly impressive.

“If Kubica can answer those remaining questions after further training time (and only a test at the appropriate time could really do that), he would be the perfect fit for Williams’ requirements; an A-grade ace who will call it exactly how it is.”


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