Kubica’s surprising pick: Alonso Over Verstappen?

In the elite world of Formula 1, age often becomes a talking point. But in the case of Fernando Alonso, that sort of talk is fading fast. Aston Martin, recognizing the profound impact Alonso has had in his first year with the Silverstone-based team, is keen to extend his contract, defying the norms that often sideline seasoned drivers.

Two-time champion Alonso, reflecting on his career, acknowledged his stint with Aston Martin as one of his best ever performances. His friend and former rival, Robert Kubica, echoes this sentiment. When posed with a choice between signing 42-year-old Alonso or seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Kubica didn’t hesitate: “Alonso,” he affirmed.

Kubica’s endorsement of Alonso extends beyond mere admiration. He regards Alonso as superior in skill, even in comparison to talents like Max Verstappen, especially when handling an uncompetitive car. “In my opinion, Alonso is the strongest of everyone even with an uncompetitive car,” Kubica told Gurulandia. When asked if that includes Verstappen, Kubica insisted, “In an uncompetitive car, yes.”

Alonso’s switch from Alpine to Aston Martin last winter came amidst Alpine’s concerns about his age. Aston Martin’s team boss, Mike Krack, however, dismisses these apprehensions at the 2023 season finale in Abu Dhabi. “No, I’m not concerned,” Krack stated confidently when asked about Alonso’s age being a factor in contract discussions. Alonso, already on board for 2024, seems to be a pivotal part of Aston Martin’s future vision.

Krack’s response to queries about a potential deal for 2025 was unequivocal: “I think I don’t have to answer that question,” he said. “Absolutely yes.”

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