Leclerc brothers’ twist of fate: Charles’s rise, Arthur’s Ferrari exit

The Leclerc family is facing a mix of emotions as Christmas approaches, with contrasting developments for brothers Charles and Arthur Leclerc. While Ferrari is reportedly set to offer Charles Leclerc a substantial new Formula 1 contract, his younger brother, Arthur, has been let go from the prestigious Ferrari Driver Academy.

Ferrari acknowledged Arthur’s departure after a challenging season where he finished 15th overall in Formula 2. “We would like to thank Arthur Leclerc as he moves on,” the team stated. “Arthur will remain part of the Ferrari family and we’re excited to see his next journey.” Despite the setback, Ferrari’s statement indicates a continued relationship with Arthur, albeit in a different and so far unknown capacity.

This development comes as older brother Charles, a key figure at Ferrari, is rumored to be on the verge of securing a lucrative extension with the Scuderia. Charles’s anticipated new contract underlines his vital role in the team’s future, contrasting starkly with Arthur’s recent career shift.

The Ferrari Driver Academy, known for nurturing talents like Sergio Perez, Lance Stroll, Guanyu Zhou, Mick Schumacher, and Charles Leclerc, is also set to undergo changes in leadership, with renowned F1 engineer Jock Clear taking the helm in 2024.

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