Leclerc locked in: But for how long with Ferrari?

Italian media is abuzz with speculation over the exact length of Charles Leclerc’s newly announced contract extension with Ferrari. While the official press release stated that the 26-year-old Monegasque driver would continue with the team “beyond the 2024 season,” specific details regarding the contract’s expiry remain unclear.

Leclerc himself mentioned he would be driving “for several more seasons to come,” adding to the intrigue. However, Ferrari insider Leo Turrini noted the unusual nature of this announcement, saying, “Never, at least in recent history, has a multi-year extension of a (Ferrari) contract been announced without an indication of expiry.”

La Gazzetta dello Sport speculates that Leclerc may have signed a five-year deal, taking him through to 2029. The contract is believed to include “exit clauses linked to performance after the third year,” with Leclerc’s earnings potentially rising from the current EUR 25m per year to nearly double by 2029.

Corriere dello Sport, however, presents a different theory, suggesting that the contract might span four years. Turrini elaborated on this uncertainty: “Logically, the duration of the agreement is subject to conditions. Certainly he will race in 2025 and 2026, because it would be crazy to prolong the deal and ignore the first season (2026) of the new rules. After that, it presumably won’t depend either on him or even on (Frederic) Vasseur. But on results.”

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