Leclerc ‘never’ considered quitting over Hamilton signing

Charles Leclerc is gearing up for a titanic clash at Ferrari, facing off against Formula 1’s most celebrated driver, Lewis Hamilton, in 2025. Despite rumors swirling about his initial dismay over team boss Frederic Vasseur’s decision to dissolve his dynamic duo with Carlos Sainz, with whom he shares the “same sense of humour”, Leclerc is now ready to embrace the challenge posed by the veteran Hamilton.

“It will be a good duel,” Leclerc declared with confidence, embracing the spirit of competition and the thrill of new challenges that are the lifeblood of Formula 1. The notion of fleeing Ferrari in the face of this new chapter was swiftly dismissed by Leclerc, asserting a resounding “Never.”

Leclerc anticipates a harmonious relationship with Hamilton, who will be donning the iconic red at the age of 40. Recognizing Hamilton’s evolution beyond just a driver, Leclerc admires the broader impact Hamilton has made. “He’s not just ‘Lewis the driver’,” Leclerc acknowledges, impressed by Hamilton’s ability to transcend the sport and broaden his horizons.

“He has become a much more important character. It’s not for everyone,” he continued, highlighting Hamilton’s efforts to extend his impact beyond Formula 1, a move Leclerc finds admirable.

Yet, there’s an acknowledgment of the formidable challenge posed by Max Verstappen’s current dominance in the sport. “To become world champion, you need the best car-driver combination,” Leclerc asserts, pondering the dynamics between Verstappen and his team, Red Bull. “I don’t know what Max would do without Red Bull, and equally I don’t know what Red Bull would do without Max,” he said. Leclerc is determined, however, to see Ferrari rise to the occasion: “It’s a winning combination today, but it’s up to us to go out there and beat them.”

Leclerc also revealed that Ferrari has already begun making strides towards bridging the gap to Red Bull in the early stages of the 2024 season. “I am confident Ferrari has the best chance to recover,” he confidently stated. Despite recognizing the challenges, Leclerc is encouraged by the team’s progress: “We have made a leap forward compared to 2023, but there’s still a gap because it was a big one. But looking at the first race, we improved more than they did.”

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